Why Grüvi Photo Booths

  • Grüvi Photographer Attendant

We don’t just supply Photo Booth attendants… Every Wedding Photo Booth is supplied with a Professional Photographer to ensure that the photographs from your wedding are as good as they can get. We’re a bit fussy like that…

  • Grüvi Professional Equipment

First and foremost, we’re professional photographers so it going without saying that we only use professional photographic equipment. to unsure the best possible quality but its also reliable. Thats really important to us.

  • Grüvi Unlimited Prints

For the duration of your Photo Booth Hire you can go for as many sessions as your heart desires. After every session, we will print you a set of duplicate prints within seconds that you can take home to stick on the fridge door.

  • Grüvi Backdrop Selection

Backdrops are as important as all the other aspects of our Photo Booths which is why put so much effort into source great backgrounds for our photo booth. You  get to choose what ever backdrop you desire for your big day.

  • Grüvi Selection of Props

Props are as much a part of Photo Booths as cameras, lights and backdrops. We constantly source unique and interesting props to add to our selection of crazy, funny, silly and kitsch props thats will get the creativity flowing.

  • Grüvi Custom Graphics

We know that you’ve spent most of your life dreaming about your wedding and how you would want your own touch of flair… Offer custom graphics for your photos to make sure that the photo booth fits your wedding style.

  • Grüvi Video Messages

Your guests will have the option to leave you a 15 second video clip, you may not want to miss that heartfelt congrats message from your grandad or that inebriated, laugh a second, speech about “the good times” from your bestie.

  • Grüvi Online Gallery

We know that you and your guests would love to get some of the photos that were shot in the Photo Booth. Fear not because all images shot are uploaded to our password protected gallery where you can download all you need.