Photo Booth FAQ


Q: Why rent a photo booth in the Highlands?
A: A photo booth rental at your wedding, birthday or office party is great entertainment and life of the party! Our photo booth provides a very unique and entertaining experience that everyone, from young and old, will enjoy!  Your guests get photos from the photo booth print that serve as a great reminder and party favour of your event.

Q: What are the dimensions of the photo booth?
A: The open air photo booth requires an area of about 9 ft x 9 ft and a ceiling height of about 7 ft. Additional space is required for the prop table. Generally speaking we would need 15ft x 20ft place for the booth.

Q: How many people can fit in the photo booth?
A: A lot, that is why the open air booth is so popular! Five to six people can easily fit in for a photo booth photo. We have had as much as 8-10 people in the photo booth at once…

Q: Is Grüvi Photo Booth a closed booth or an open air photo booth?
A: The Grüvi Photo Booth is an open air photo booth. We found that the open air photo booth has a lot more entertainment value than a closed photo booth. We like to see everyone having fun!

Q: Does the photo booth print out photos immediately?
A: Yes, our dye sub printer spits our Lab Quality prints within 10 seconds of the photo being taken! Instant gratification is a super important part of the fun factor and Grüvi Photo Booths prints your photos every time. Our high resolution prints are high gloss and excellent quality.

Q: How many copies of the photo strip do we get when we take a photo?
A: The photo booth prints two strip photos after every session. At Grüvi Photo Booths, we feel that a photo booth is not really a photo booth if you don’t have the photo strip to take home. How fun is that?!

Q: What types of events is the Grüvi Photo Booth used at?
A: A photo booth can really make any event fun and memorable, we recommend renting a Grüvi Photo Booth for events such as weddings, birthday parties, school dances, trade shows, conventions, reunions, graduation parties, anniversaries, fundraisers, sporting functions, charity events, corporate events, and anywhere there is a party!

Q: How does the Grüvi photo booth work?
A: Choose one of the awesome props from out prop table (we really have some cool stuff), enter the photo booth area, push the button on the touchscreen , strike a pose, look at the camera and the photo booth will take a photo. The photos is then displayed on the touchscreen inside the booth, strike another pose, look at the camera and the photo booth will take another photo, wash rinse and repeat another two times… And just 10 seconds later the photos are printed and available outside the photo booth.

Q: Do you post any photos on Facebook?
A: For sure! Facebook is a huge part of our business and we post (with approval of the host) one photo from each photo strip on our Facebook page as part of our package offering. Oh the fun these photos generate!! And you get to tag yourself in the photos and let the fun run wild! Many of our Facebook albums generate 10,000 Facebook views!

Q: What is your Facebook page address?
A: Grüvi Photo Booths can be found on Facebook at

Q: Is the photo booth easy to use?
A: The photo booth is very easy to use. A welcome screen will tell you exactly what to do and the photo booth attendant is on hand to get you started on each session, we’ll even push the start button for you if your hands are too full of props! A viewing screen will give a 5-second countdown before a picture is taken of each pose. In less than 15 seconds, your guests will receive a lab quality printout of their picture. And don’t forget, our booth attendant is always there to answer any of your questions.

Q: Do the guests have to pay to use the Photo Booth?
A: No way José, we do not charge any guests for photos. Your rental includes unlimited use of the photo booth.

Q: How many images can we take during our event?
A: There is no restriction on how many photos you can take during the event. Take as many photos as you like for just one rental price. It all depends on how much fun your guests are having while having their photo taken… After all it is all about fun and good times right? We offer unlimited photo booth sessions during the rental period.

Q: Do you just drop off the photo booth at the event and run?
A: Once again… No way José! A professional staff member will stay with the photo booth throughout the event. We want to make sure everything is running smoothly and assist guests in using the booth. You don’t need to worry about delivery, set-up, operation, or take down. We greet the guests, centre them in the photo, tell them where to look,  and even had out your final photo strips.  Grüvi Photo Booths offers a “No Worries Advantage” with every rental!

Q: Do you have any props for guests to use while taking pictures?
A: Oh Yes! Photo Booths are all about props. We have hats, glasses, boas, hand cards and much more to add to the fun of your night. Your guests can choose to use them or not.

Q: Are the photo booth pictures in colour or in black & white?
A: We think colour rocks so we set our photo booth to print in colour. If you prefer black and white can give you that option.

Q: Do you have any samples of some of your custom photo booth prints?
A: Yes! We love customising the photo strips. Click here for many examples.

Q: Can we personalise the photo strip for our event?
A: Absolutely! We always customise the photo strips to suit the theme of your event.  For weddings we design with the colours of your wedding, add the Bride and Groom’s name and wedding date.  For corporate events, we can use your logo and design with complimentary colours or customise for the theme of your event. Take a look at these examples.

Q: What is a Guest book?
A: A Guest Book is a professional grade album that contains a copy of each of your photo booth prints from the event and complimented with handwritten notes by your guests and many mementos of  your event. In essence, it is a photo guest book of many to all of your guests photos from the photo booth. Each photo is glued onto a page and your guests are welcome to sign next to it and or offer any comments. Your guest book is yours at the end of the event and is a treasured keepsake!  Many of our customers tell us that they display this Memory Book on their coffee table and look through it many times. It brings back so many fun memories and captures hundreds of funny photo memories!

Q: What type of camera and printer do you use in the photo Booth?
A: Our photo booth is equipped with a Canon DLSR camera and professional studio lighting. The images are printed on a high quality, high speed, dye-sublimation thermal printer, similar to ones used by professionals, just a smaller scale. Our printers produce lab quality prints that will stand up to water and fingerprints.

Q: Do you offer different backgrounds for your photo booth?
A: Yes. We have a variety of backgrounds from plain white to glitzy sequins to suit most tastes.

Q: What is the external monitor streaming photos on TV?
A: We display all the photos from the event in a dynamic slideshow our our large screen TV.  This offers hours of entertainment and gives guest ideas for their next fun photo booth session.  The photos run in a random sequence for display and each photo appears on the screen as soon as it is taken.

Q: What if guest want additional photos?
A: We will provide you with a link to the images that were taken in the photo booth. Your guests can download the images that they want from there.

Q: Where do you typically setup the booth?
A: We like to see the booth in the main reception area, near the dance floor so guests are sure to stop by. However we work with each event host to place the booth according to their specifications, decorations and traffic flow for each event.

Q: Do you have any suggestion on how to make sure that all guest use the photo booth as many times as they would like?
A: We recommend several things. First you can promote the photo booth on your invitation to bring awareness and excitement to your event. The placement of your photo booth should be in plain site so your guests see it. And finally your MC or DJ can also make an announcement or two inviting your guests to check out the photo booth. Once the fun and laughter start, many people will be in line to get a piece of this fun activity!

Q: Is a special electrical outlet necessary?
A: No, a standard 220V electrical outlet located within 30 feet of the photo booth is all that is needed.

Q: What size photos will we receive?
A: Each photo booth session produces two strips and which are 2 x 6 inches each.

Q: What areas do you proved photo booth rentals?
A: We are based in Inverness, Scotland and operate within a 100 mile radius. This includes Nairn, Forres, Elgin, Grantown On Spey, Aviemore, Fort William, Wick and everywhere in between. For further outlying areas we may need to charge for accommodation if too far away from home.

Q. How do I reserve or book the photo booth?
A: Easy peasy… First of all, check the online calendar to see if your event date is available. If so, then use our reservation form to book the date. We take reservations on a first come, first serve basis. Also note: We require a £100.00 booking fee/retainer and a signed rental agreement to reserve the booth. The remaining balance is due no later than 7 days before the booked date.

Q: How many hours can we have the photo booth at our event?
A: Most event can be successful with 2 to 3 hours of service. Our minimum photo booth rental package starts at 2 hours of service but most of the rentals are a 3 hour rental period. Occasionally, customers want to hire the photo booth for longer than 3 hours. Each additional hour of service is £100 if requested before the booking and £150.00 if requested on the day of the event.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: No, we do however accept Paypal if you absolutely prefer to pay with a card.

If you have any questions that we have not answered here? Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.