About Grüvi Photo Booths

So Just how Grüvi is the Grüvi Photo Booth

The Grüvi Photo Booth is different (and we think waaaay better!) than other photo booths out there. A lifelong passion for photography and design, a penchant for quality and decades of experience with events has been the inspiration to develop a photo booth experience that delivers not only a supreme amount of fun but also great images and memories to last a lifetime.

What REALLY makes us different is that we only provide Professional Photographers with our Photo Booth Rental. Yes professional photographers… Not students, not anyone that will work for minimum wage and not my bored uncle that needs some extra cash. We know that photography is as important to you as it is to us (which is why you are talking to specialists in the first place), we put our reputation on the line every time our photo booth goes out to a client.

About Gruvi Photobooths
Inverness Open Photo Booth

A Photo Booth Experience Like No Other

The Gruvi Photo Booth is an Open Photo Booth. It has no wall and curtains which means that everyone gets in on the fun! We spend a lot of time looking for amazing props (which is actually what makes the photo booth fun) and our superior quality backdrops add the final touch to create amazing photographs and lifelong memories.